How to Give Your Fish the Best Life

How to Give Your Fish the Best Life?

How to Give Your Fish the Best Life?

Every living creature demands the best life for themselves. Humans can achieve life which they want. The aquatic creatures also live in that area of sea where they like. But when they are your pet, they’re bound to live in the place that you provide to them.

Make sure that you are providing the best place for your pet to live. Like you need the best of everything for yourself, then you should also consider providing the best things for your pet as well.

How to Give Your Fish the Best Life?

A best life is when a living creature is getting all of the basic necessities of life. Other than the necessities there are many more things which a pet needs to stay happy, calm and comfortable.

If you think that you are not a good fish keeper and want to give your pet the life as best as you can, then is going to tell you that what you can do. Here we go;

Choose the Right Place

First of all, you should choose are the right place for your aquarium. Otherwise setting up an aquarium in a disturbing place is meant to kill a fish with stress.

You must choose a place which is completely noise-free and calm. Any kind of speaker or amplifier must never ever be there. Even you should not have a TV in that room in which you have an aquarium.

This is because sounds travel three times faster in water than that of the air or any other medium. You must be familiar with this scientifically proven fact.

Even when you gently tap on the aquarium glass, the sound that goes inside is very weird for fish. You may not find it noisy or disturbing but actually it is very annoying for your fish.

Sharp noises can cause stress in a fish and even death. So the right place is very necessary for your pet where there are peace and calm.

Also make sure, that your kids are not playing near the fish aquarium. There must not be other pets in that room where the fish is living.

Because it can harm the fish or simply put their paw in water which results in the fish behavior continuously lying in the bottom and getting stressed because of their life.

Provide Clean Water

The provision of safe and clean water is also the basic necessity that your fish must-have. The cleanliness of water is not as visible all the time.

The aquarium water looks dirty because of the fish waste that is nitrogen than you must clean the water. It would be difficult for you to do things manually. But there are different types of equipment like filters that you can use.

Even if there is some other mess inside water, then you should clean it too. The color of the water changes because of the dirt and fish can’t live happily inside such kind of water.

Sometimes the water looks completely clean but it is actually not. Most of the times people use tap water to fill the aquarium. Different water in different areas differs in their quality.

Different areas of tap water have different metals in them. Most of the time the water is chlorinated.  Chlorination in water is not really bad for us but specifically done for us.

But as for as the aquatic animals are concerned, they can’t live in water which has chlorine in it. As it can also cause stress in your fish.

Also, there are different types of heavy metals mixed in water which can kill your fish. Heavy metals don’t let your aquatic pet to have a breathe properly and there is no proper oxygen exchange from their gills.

Gills get clogged and become pale and purplish in color. These causes are a drastic bad effect on fish life.

Maintain Temperature in pH

Temperature maintenance is also very important. If the water temperature is not fine, your fish will remain disturbed.

But you can use heaters inside your aquarium so that the water temperature can remain normal. You can maintain the right temperature for your fish so that the aquarium can be a happy place for your pet to live in.

Fish is more prone to one condition about which you will read again and again and that is a shock. That’s why even the temperature changes can cause stress in your sweet pet.

Sudden temperature changes can kill your fish, yet this condition is not very common. Slightly take the water temperature to the required levels.

If the temperature is okay then your aquarium pet will continue swimming in the entire tank happily. You can use those heaters which have temperature readings written on them.

The readings will keep telling you about the water temperature situation and you can turn the heater on and off accordingly. You can also use some other techniques for keeping the temperature balanced, otherwise, simply buy a heater and go on.

Provide Proper Lighting

Not only fish need proper lightning but also the tank plants require them for their survival. For the light, you have to just consider that you shouldn’t do lights on and off suddenly.

Because sudden sharp light after the dimness can cause a problem in fish eyes. If you do this on regular basis then your fish will get in trouble.

The intensity of aquarium tank lights should be normal, not too sharp, not too low. Fish tank lights should be on all day and turn off during the night. This doesn’t really mean that there should be complete darkness around your aquarium.

Your room lights should be kept on. The other thing that you can do is just keep one single small light ON during sleep or nap timings of your pet. Otherwise, in other parts of the day, keep the lights on.

Light will also help the submerged water plants to make their food, grow and live well.

Give Time to Your Fish

Spend some time with your aquatic pet. Even if you are an extremely busy person that does not have any time to spend with your fish because of your busy schedule, then you can just sit in front of your fish and read some books or do something else.

The purpose is to help your fish to recognize his owner. Your pet will be more frank with you when it will have face recognition in mind.

It will be more comfortable to eat from your hands and play with you. You will love to see that your pet is not afraid of you and it will definitely love to spend time with you.

You can train different techniques, games, and tricks. You can teach your pet to follow your instructions.

Give Proper Food

Give the proper amount of nutritious and fresh food to your pet fish. If you are leaving your fish to starve, then definitely it’s life would not be happy at all.

Make sure to feed your fish right on time. Otherwise during other timings fish can eat plant leaves. Also, make sure that the food is enough for your fish to become full.

A good amount of nutritious food can maintain the health of your pet and it will definitely be happy with its best life.

Provide Hiding Places

Just like humans, fish also need some space to live alone for some time. Sometimes they just need to have a nap there in comfort.

Rock stones and castles can be the best hiding places for water living pets. You can definitely choose any other hiding places for them as there are too many things available in the market.

Set Up Aquarium Plants

Set up some of the nutritious aquarium plants for your fish. Your fish can also eat those plants when it gets hungry.

Plants also give a natural look and an amazing view. Your little fish can also hide behind the plant. There are different types of plants available in the market.

But for aquarium, there are special water submergible plants. Keep the plants alive in a better way and little pets will feel that they are inside their aquatic life.

There will be more comfortable by looking at the natural environment around them. These kinds of things can give your fish the best life that they deserve from you.

Put Some Toys

You can also put some toys in a fish tank. If you have a small tank then do not put the toys. Fish can live more happily in a big tank with a spacious area and toys.

You can train your fish using the toys. You fish can become a good player by practicing on those play toys daily. Fish also loves to play soccer. One feels proud in front of his friends when their fish show different tricks.

A fish really enjoys doing tricks and it is a happy life for them because they are enjoying what they do. But do not force your fish to play if it is not interesting or sleepy.

Provide Good Fellow Fish

You must know which fish can live together in the same place and which cannot. Because there are some fish that don’t like other fish species and fight with them.

So there must be good tank fellows present for your pet to live a happy life together. Like when there are two male bettas together in the same place, they fight with each other for everything.

So, it is advised to buy just one male beta fish even if you have two of them, then keep them separate from each other.

Decorate your Aquarium

You can decorate your fish aquarium with different things which you like. But this is not always necessary. It’s a matter of choice for everyone.

There are different decoration accessories available online. You can buy any of them depending on your choice.

Regular Water Changes in Portions

You should do the regular water changes in small portions to keep your fish healthy and happy. The reason behind changing the small portions is that the temperature and pH remain constant.

Otherwise, the people that do big water changes, their tank pH and temperature go to drastic changes. Ultimately they disturb the water ecosystem.

So keep the water clean by doing small water changes and provide the best environment to your fish. Also, keep your tank water conditioner and give your fish the best life.

Remove Algae Time to Time

The maintenance of an aquarium environment also includes the removal of algae from time to time. Algae can make you feel sick a utilize all the nutrients of plants.

In this way, the plant dies and fish is also gets disturbed. Most of the people face the problem of algae grown in the tank. The best way is to keep the algae eaters like small snails in your tank.

So that the water can remain clean, plants keep surviving and fish stay happy. Do not overfeed your pet fish because the leftover food becomes the cause of algae growth.

Try to Avoid Reflection

Some people put a mirror in front of the fish for a very long time. For just a few seconds it is OK for fun and seeing your pet’s reaction.

But for a very long period of time, it is bad. Your pet fish can stay happy with their other fellows. There is no need to put a mirror in front of them.

The lights should not come towards a tank in such a way that it is making an angle of reflection. Because the reflection is coming the fish will see its own copy and assume that other fish are coming towards its territory.

By seeing this situation your fish will remain in a bad mood and always worried. So put plants in your aquarium and do not let reflections disturb your fish. I have just posted an article about getting rid of reflection in a fish tank.

Your fish will live happily if you fulfill all of its requirements.

Final words

I have explained enough about this topic. It depends on you to give your fish the best life they require. You are the pet fish keeper and your fish life conditions depend on you which you provide to it.

I hope all of you are the good pet keepers, if not then give your fish the best life from now on by getting help from this guide.