How to Train Your Fish to Play Soccer

How to Train Your Fish to Play Soccer?

How to Train Your Fish to Play Soccer?

Having a pet fish is great fun and training them different tricks is also amazing. Some fish are really intelligent and understand tricks earlier. While you can also train other fish with any of the tricks which you want by letting them follow the food on a stick.

There are so many fish owners who have trained their fish so well. Basically a person tries to teach his fish that game which he loves the most. Although, fish is not human yet it can play some easy and simple games.

How to Train Your Fish to Play Soccer?

Gaming makes a fish physically active and intelligent. A fish starts getting things quickly and understand what you are trying to be played by her. Most of the fish follow the tricks and play games for a reward.

An after-game reward or a special treat is a must to teach or train your fish. Intelligently and peacefully train your fish to play a game.

Soccer is one of the most played games by little pet fish. Actually this little pet gets attracted by the small ball of soccer.

For training your fish first you need to have a beautiful and attractive soccer toy for your pet fish. Then, you can proceed to train your fish according to that soccer toy because there are different types of these toys available.

But you don’t need to get worried because teaching methods are the same. Just read this guide and make your fish an expert player. This looks really lovely to see your fish playing happily.

Select the Soccer Toy

First of all, buy a soccer-playing toy for your fish to play with. It is best to start your training with the help of some objects like circular rings and toys. If you just make a hole in your hand and keep it near your fish to pass through it, fish will never understand this.

Toys are a great thing to start some training. Make sure that your fish is not ill or affected by any other problem in it. Because an unhealthy pet is unlikely to follow any instructions given to it.

Your pet fish should be given a proper environment and food right on time. It must be healthy so that it can take an interest in following the training steps which you are teaching to it.

Feed Fish by Your Hand

Now, if you are thinking that what is the link between hand feeding with fish training, then let me tell you that there is a great connection of it with the entire training process.

When it is the feeding time and your fish is very hungry, then give it some food on your hand or finger, as you find it comfortable.

When pet fish will get closer to you while eating, it will develop a strong bond between you and your pet. Whenever you will put your hand in the aquarium near your fish, then it will not get afraid of you.

Put some food and finger and move your finger in a straight direction slightly. Your fish will follow your finger like this and this is the first step in training a fish.

Train Fish to Pass Hurdles

Train your fish to pass through the hurdles made in the toys. Again use food as training material. Put some food on a stick and let your fish follow that stick.

Now pass that stick to different hurdles, below rods, etc and your fish will just pass them by just following the food on a stick.

It will take some time, you should keep practicing this thing and soon your fish will do the same which you have trained to it without any food on a stick.

Now, your fish is trained enough to do simple tricks which you have taught to her or better to say practiced to her. Your fish will learn to lay or bend her body to pass through a congested space etc.there are many different training kits available online for your pet fish.

Trian your Fish to Push a Ball

Now, its time to train fish to push a ball of soccer toy. If your fish is not attracted to a ball then cover that ball with an aluminum foil.

But please make sure that all of the sides of this foil are completely folded and there is no sharp corner or edge which can damage fish fins.

Because a sharp corner of foil can hurt your fish, lead to an infection, and ultimately death which is an extremely bad thing.

So, cover the soft aluminum foil gently on the ball so that your fish gets attracted to it. Otherwise, if your fish is already coming towards the ball then there is no need to cover it with any of the things.

Your fish will push the lightweight ball towards the net. If it is not doing this, then first you gently do slight pushes off the ball towards the net.

The fish will also do the same. Sometimes fish are so super excited that they hold the lightweight ball in their mouth. Fish are really attracted to the soccer toy especially the ball. 

Now, soccer training is complete. Well done if you have followed this and trained your fish as told here. Now you can let your fish play in front of your friends and they will definitely admire you for your efforts and your fish too.

You can leave the toy in your fish aquarium for a few hours in the tank. Your fish will keep playing with it when they want. You can also train your pet fish to jump through a hoop.

Which Things Should be Cared for a Playing Fish?

Some of the things which you should care a lot for your playing fish are;

  • Fish’s soccer toy or school training kit, whichever the toys you are using should be clean or washed properly. You should not use a dirt toy in your fish tank, buy a new one, and wash it too. After washing you can put it inside the water.
  • The sides of the toys must not be sharp. Otherwise sharp edges can hurt your fish to bleed and die. It can also cause small cuts that spread infections in them. Make sure that the edges of the toy are smooth and soft.

Final words

Now, you know the details about training your pet fish for their most favorite game, soccer. Make sure to start with baby steps. Such fish toys are really great to shape your fish behaviors according to your desire.

Practice makes anyone perfect, so keep training your fish from baby steps to complex steps. Let your fish practice soccer daily for just five to ten minutes.

So, you just need to be patient as your fish can take more time in learning. Keep on going and things will get better with time. You just have to keep patience and help your fish to practice daily. Soon your fish will become an expert soccer player.

Don’t forget to reward your fish with the favorite treat which it loves the most. This will develop more interest in a pet fish to play. The funniest thing is that many of the pet fish follow their owner’s instructions and play games for getting rewarded with their delicious treat.

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