How to Get Rid of Reflection in Fish Tank

How to Get Rid of Reflection in Fish Tank?

How to Get Rid of Reflection in Fish Tank?

Reflections are sometimes really bad for your pet fish. Sometimes fish mistakenly take their reflection as a rival fish and try to defend for their territory. Light reflection and their own reflection coming in front of the fish really disturb them.

Sometimes like right angles are made in such a way that it starts giving a reflection just like a mirror. Fish starts flaring continuously seeing the reflection.

Flaring is always normal but if doing continuously and troubled because of this, then you should take action. Sometimes the fish get into the stress conditions which can also lead them to death.

How to Get Rid of Reflection in Fish Tank?

So if your fish is also irritated because of the reflection, and you are also worried not to leave it in that situation, then is going to tell you the solution.

So in order to get rid of reflection in fish tank, you should do the following measures;

Cover the Tank

You can cover your tank so that there will be no reflection. But make sure that your tank has an oxygen pump inside it.

Otherwise covering with a lid can block the oxygen coming to fish. An oxygen pump will provide oxygen inside water your fish will be able to breathe and live properly.

Covering a tank with a lid or hood will also let your fish enjoy peacefully and fearless naps. But don’t cover it all the time.

You can give the lid on the tank in that time when you are fish need to you sleep and getting irritated from reflection.

Use Covering Sheet

Use a black sheet at one side of the tank. So that there will be no reflection of light and anything in that reflection can’t be seen.

It will let your fish feel comfortable. Also, some of the reflections come by applying a black sheet or some other covering sheet on the outside of the aquarium.

The black color is preferred over all other colors because it is the least reflecting color among all. Other colors reflect light very much.

But let me tell you that you should not place your tank near the walls which have a dark color. Because you will be surprised to know that dark colors walls reflect more.  

Use Aquarium Paper

The other thing that you can do is to use the aquarium paper. Some people mistakenly put it inside the aquarium. It is actually meant to be stick on the outside.

An aquarium paper actually blocks the extra lighting coming inside. It will stop the lighting glare to come in fish eyes.

Your pet will not see its own reflection and get confused and irritated. Your fish will be relaxed that no other fellow is coming towards its territory.

In this way, it will be more calm, happy, and loving instead of its aggressive behavior.

Turn the Lights Off

Another best thing that you can do is to turn the tank lights off. It doesn’t really mean that you should keep complete darkness for your fish.

You can turn your room lights on while off the tank lights. In this way, your fish will be able to sleep properly and also didn’t go to the stress condition because your room lights will be on.

Then you need to turn the lights on, then ON them slowly to avoid sudden changes. Because quick light on and off can give stress to your fish.  

Paint the Sides of Tank

Paint one of the complete side of your fish water tank. It will create the same effect as an aquarium paper of sheet.

Because the light coming inside will stop and there will be no reflection anymore. You can use flat paint like a plastic dip. It will make your tank glass reflective.

Maybe it is hard for you to paint a tank because you have already done the entire set up. But most of the spray paints are helpful in this case.

Any color of the spray paint gives a black color to the tank glass back. But some people don’t find it the best option because according to them the look of the tank gets disturbed.

Use Plastic Curtain

If you do not want to use sticky backgrounds like paint etc, then you can simply use a plastic shower curtain.

So, take a curtain and cut it according to the size of your tank. Held it on its place with the help of small pieces of tape. This is the easiest home technique to be used anytime.  

Set Curtain of Fast Growing Plants

There are few fast-growing plants that grow straight making a curtain. The straight plant vines make a wall barrier and do not let the extra light to come inside.

It is best and it did not allow any reflection to appear. Plants will also decorate your tank by looking stunning.

The beauty and natural look of your tank will be enhanced if you use this technique and the tank will also get rid of reflection.

What Signs a Fish shows while Seeing its Reflection?

The fish usually flares when they see their reflection in a tank. At first, they are excited in flare its fins but soon they start assuming that there is some other arrival fish that is coming into its territory.

This can cause are in aggressive behavior in your fish. Sometimes your fish go-to stress and worse conditions of stress take it to death.

The fish keeps on flaring for a very long period of time that even they get upset on their own. They start getting irritated by their selves.

When they are moving their fins continuously, they get tired very badly. You should not leave your fish in such bad condition. That’s why it is a must to avoid reflections making inside the tank.

You should not have any sharp objects that can reflect light in the tank.

Why to Avoid Reflection in a Fish Tank?

As I have told you that reflection disturbs a fish very badly. It can indulge a fish in unusual stress conditions.

Stress is really bad for fish as compared to other pets. Because stress really affects the heart and blood of a fish.

Its heart starts pumping slowly and ultimately stops. It can cause fish death. Definitely, you may not want your fish to die. That’s why it is necessary to get rid of reflection in a fish tank.

Final words

After reading all the details for this topic, apply the solution for your fish now. Your fish should never get disturbed because of any of the things because it is your beloved pet, only yours.

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