How to Look After Baby Fish in a Tank

How to Look After Baby Fish in a Tank?

How to Look After Baby Fish in a Tank?

All of the babies of living animals need care, love, and support. So, it is a must to look after baby fish. If a baby fish has appeared in your home tank then there is no need to get panic or confused about what to do.

You can take complete care of the baby pet by yourself by just knowing the simple and easy things that we are going to share with you in this article. Here, will focus on the complete look after a fish baby including their living area, feed, proper survival, and everything.

I am sure that you are just waiting anxiously to know about how you can look after baby fish which is small an vulnerable. Many people are so much confused that they ask me that will there baby fish survive in their fish tank.

Everyone wants to take great care of their pet fish and when it comes to babies, more care is needed than that of the adult fish.

Fish Baby Care Chart

We present to you the fish care chart so that you can have a quick understanding that what you have to do actually to care and look after baby fish.

Baby Pet Fish Care Chart Time Further details
Separation from other fish Right after their hatching Keep them there until they grow bigger, no need for mother fish to be with them.
Proper food Several times in a day Crushed Fish flakes, Infusoria, Brine shrimp eggs using helping materials like a dropper, toothpick, etc.
Proper environment As you introduce them in their tank Proper oxygen, lightning, airflow, cleanliness, hiding places, properly maintained temperature, quiet place, slight water changes daily.
Grooming care From the beginning Put some toys, circular rings, small castles, stones, etc. Train them if they are good at learning things.

How to Look After Baby Fish in a Tank?

Looking after a little fish includes the following specific things that you should act on for their better survival.

Separate from Other Fish

Sometimes you have multiple varieties of fish in your fish tank. The other fishes can eat other fish eggs and babies as well. But sometimes even the mother fish eat her eggs or when there are a lot of babies to be taken care of.

Most of the fish species have a lot of eggs and ultimately babies together so it is a must that your fish tank should be large enough for the proper survival of the newborn.

Still, it is better to separate the baby in a new bowl or aquarium for some time until they get bigger enough to survive with the other fish species and others adults fish from whom they belong to.

It will keep them protected from any harm by the other fish and you will be able to take care of them more properly. Keep all of the little ones in a separate bowl and they will live with their fellow babies, happy and safe from harms.

After they grew more, you can introduce all of the babies in your main fish tank all at once where their parents and all of the other fish species are surviving. But treat the babies with great care as they are really tiny so don’t pick them out with your hands. Rather it is better to scoop them up very carefully using a cup or a net.

Furthermore, there are other things in your fish tank that are beneficial and good for your fish but not for that fish who is just born. Like the sponge filter that creates a water flow without creating a strong suction. It does not bother an adult fish at all. But it can harm a Lil fish a lot.

Keeping the baby fish in a separate tank will also give them the proper space to live and grow healthier. Keep the baby Plecos alive and happy with this method.

Feed your Baby Fish

Proper feeding is a must in order to make good health of baby fish and maintaining their diet and nourishment. The best thing is that you just have to put the feed and they will eat it. They do not need their mother to feed them in their mouths.

But the care that you should give to them is the proper and nutritive feed in order to maintain their proper health. Start feeding your mini fish with a few drops of Infusoria, which is a liquid fry food. You can feed Infusoria with the help of an eyedropper several times a day.

This is the very first feed that should be given right after they get hatched from their eggs. This feed is small enough that the baby fish can eat it very easily. You can crush some flake food into powder form and give it to the Lil fish.

To give food to the tiny fish, you can use a toothpick, etc. Like dip the end of a toothpick in fish food and put it into the tank near the fish to release the food. This is how you can feed all your baby pets and keep them happy and healthy.

Babies get always hungry, that’s why you should practice feeding the baby, some small amounts of foods several times a day. The fish grow quickly if they are getting enough food and become energetic and develop a stronger immune system.

Once your fish grew more, you can feed the brine shrimp eggs which they can eat. The condition should be that they are bigger enough to eat those eggs easily.

Maintain Suitable Temperature

The babies are small and weak, they are not prepared for the rigors and other changes in aquarium life. It is the responsibility of the fish owner to take care of the baby by maintaining the temperature of the aquarium.

A baby pet can die easily if the conditions are unsuitable, so take great care.  You can maintain a stable water temperature by using the submersible aquarium heater for baby fish. There is no need to get panic, just understand that what a baby needs.

All of the baby fish mostly needs a little bit of warm water for their proper care and living, just like every little one needs care. Every species of baby fish requires slightly different temperatures, you can search about the required temperature for your baby fish species.

Then, you can adjust the required temperature that your baby fish needs. Adjust the heat control in the submersible aquarium heater inside your baby fish tank. You can do small water changes for your little fish.

If you want to create suction for cleaning then don’t use any other big equipment in the baby fish aquarium but use the piece of aquarium airline tubing to siphon all of the solid waste from the bottom of the tank.

Once they grew elder you can introduce them in the tank with other fish there. Never put them in the tank with bigger fish if they are small enough because the bigger fish can eat them.

Maintain Proper Lightening and Peaceful Environment

You should not create such an unusual environment for mini fish that it goes to undue stress. Proper maintenance of the environment includes maintaining proper aeration, water flow, proper lighting.

The place should be quiet, nice, and free from traffic and other kinds of harsh sounds. It will help the babies not to go to stress conditions or get panic. It should be lightened properly with aquarium lights.

Fish always need a calm and quiet environment to live in especially their babies, like every little creature. You should never turn the lights completely off in the aquarium and then suddenly on the sharp flash. It can literally disturb the little baby pet.

You should maintain proper cleanliness in their living place. There should be proper oxygen going to the tank for their free breathing. All of these conditions are a must to be maintained for little ones.

Little ones mostly seek for their hiding places to feel more secures and un-observed. You can place some of the toys or small castles or any stones for them so that they can hide.

You can also place a black paper across your tank and the little one will think that they are now really secured from all kinds of threats and stress. Even you can observe them without their notice. So, make the little one feel more secure and loved.

How to increase Baby Fish Survival?

Fish usually lays so many eggs at a time, many of their babies die because of the unsuitable conditions, their babies are eaten by other creatures. In the case of the home aquariums, these fish or eggs are eaten by the big fish present in the aquarium. So you should take great care and separate the babies so that the big fish can’t eat the little ones as their food.

Once they spend a few years of their life in the other tank separate from big fish, their survival rates increases. After they grew more and their size increases, you can put them in a bigger tank with all other fish or you can sell them depending on your choice.

The proper food, maintained temperature, proper lighting, and oxygen are the things that are their basic needs and can increase their survival rates as well.

They can grow bigger depending upon their average size if you are giving proper food to them. If your fish are carnivores, then you can feed small pieces of carnivorous food to little fish.

Make sure the food pieces are small enough to pass through the baby’s mouth easily. This is how you can raise and look after baby fish very carefully and easily and increase their survival as well.

Final words

I have explained enough detail that how you can look after baby fish without any difficulties and raise them up nicely with complete health maintained. The fish that you have raised since they were newly born will love you more than those which you have bought.

The look after baby fish is always lovely as they are so tiny and cute. As a good owner, you should take full responsibility for your fish babies and raise them well.

I have explained my best to you guys. Now, whenever your fish lays eggs, take care of them until the baby comes out, then it’s time for you to take care of the baby fish. As the tank conditions are not suitable for newborns, so it is a must to keep them separate and care more than the adult fish.

They grew up fast unlike other creatures so you will not have to care for them for a very long period of time. yet it also depends that how much you love them.

Be a good owner, take care, and properly look after baby fish, play with them, and spend a nice time with your pet. Best of luck.

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