How to Program An Automatic Fish Feeder

How to Program An Automatic Fish Feeder?

How to Program An Automatic Fish Feeder?

So many people know about the automatic fish feeders but ask questions about using it. Some of my daily readers have asked me this question.

Finally, today I got time to answer this most asked question on the Internet. Here, I will explain to you how you can use the automatic feeder in simple and easy steps.

The display screen and buttons have everything to be done by them. Use the buttons to set the hours, minutes and number of feeding displays and then click on okay. You are done.

What is An Automatic Fish Feeder?

An automatic feeder is a device that aquarists practice to feed the fish by dispensing the right amount of food in aquarium water according to the proper time schedules.

Clear from the name; you do not have to do any manual work. This feeder feeds your pet automatically without letting them wait for their food.

How to Program An Automatic Fish Feeder?

People know about electronic gadgets, but they get a problem in dealing with the device. It is becoming the most popular question on the Internet.

Here we will explain to you to get everything about using the automatic feeders for your pet. They are accommodating when you have to go on a vacation, leaving your aquarium alone.

This kind of handy devices help to take care of your pet fish when you are not there for them. Here is the step-by-step guide, continue reading;

A more digital device has more very easy to use features with multiple options. Yet, the basics of operation are the same.

Add Batteries 

First of all, you have to insert two AA batteries in the device. Different features come with varying requirements of the battery.

Most of them require AA batteries in them. If it demands four batteries, then insert them according to the requirement.

Apply gentle pressure on the locking clip and open the lid to insert the batteries in the housing compartments. Now, put the cover back on.

Set Feeding Hours and Minutes 

The first thing which you should do after inserting batteries is to set the feeding hours on your device. First of all, click on the mode button to see the screen blinking.

Once the display is on, hit the set button add set the hours. Use the plus button to increase the hours and minus the reduce them.

When you have adjusted the hours, then again hit the mode button to go to the minute display. When the screen is done settings in hours and minutes, click on the set button once to keep the adjustments.

For example, you want to feed your fish at 8:45, and this is what you have adjusted on the screen, then well done, you have made the adjustments right.

AM and PM are not present in it. If you have set it for this time, it will release feeding once or twice in the morning and then in the night at 8:45 PM.

Set Feeding Cycles

Again press the mode button go to the settings for feeding cycles. Click on the plus button to increase the feedings.

For example, you have to feed your fish twice at one time. Two arrows will come upon the left-right corner of the screen.

In other words, these feeding cycles will be visible above the feeling clock. Adjust them accordingly.

Fill the Feeder 

Now it is time to fill the feeder with the favorite food of your fish. Make sure that the food is dry. Separate the drum unit away from the motor.

Remove the drum cover from the feeder basket. Before putting the food, make sure that the slider is close wholly.

Now it is time to fill the drum with food. The food is big enough that crush it before putting it into the food chamber.

No put the cover back in place and also cover the motor.

Adjust Food Portions 

Adjust the slider to set the food portions depending upon the number of fish in your aquarium and the feeding requirements.

Now, press the main logo button to check out how much feed is dropping in one rotation. Adjust it if necessary.

Position the Feeder on Aquarium 

Now, put the feeder on your aquarium in such a way that it may not fall into the water. Some of the high-quality auto fish feeders come with suction cups and hooks for a proper grip.

These things keep the feeder from tipping off. All of its four legs should be on the flat surface to avoid falling.

Whenever the batteries need to be changed, a low battery warning will come up on the top left corner of the display.

A low battery will not automatically close the feeding procedure, yet it continued feeding for about three days at least and the stops. It is pretty much amazing.

Why Use a Feeder When We Can Feed Fish Manually?

Everyone has a busy schedule now a day and hardly get time to care for their pet. These kinds of gadgets help a lot then.

Auto feeders are genuinely an indispensable addition in your aquarium. It feeds your fish regularly and automatically at a proper time, which you can’t sometimes do.

It is perfect when you are at home or on vacation. It prevents the under and overfeeding and of your fish.

A proper amount of balanced nutrients is a must to your fish, which maintains its health can provide excellent protection against different kinds of fish diseases.

It is visible that a fish thrive correctly if the proper amount of nutrition is given to it at the right time, which can be achieved by the automatic feeder.

This product is fantastic and helpful in decreasing your tasks by aiding you in your work. When you use a fish feeder, the food mess not appear inside the aquarium.

It also helps in preventing the decomposition of extra food and smell inside the fish tank. It is completely different regarding your pet fish feeding.

How to Operate Automatic Fish Feeder Through Mobile?

In this digital world, everything is automatic by doing just single clicks on mobile. Everyone is trying to hurry up his work to do his other tasks of life.

Using an auto fish feeder with a mobile makes the thing much more comfortable. Just install the application on your mobile. You have to install the app of your auto feeder’s brand.

Download the application from the play store on your smartphone and open it. The features are straightforward to use. Set the timer just like you set your alarm clock.

Set the hours, minutes, and number of rotations of the daily feeding as well. Click on the manual option if you want to feed your fish by hand.

Adjust the proper settings and click on the OK option. This is it, just a simple and most natural method nowadays.

Final words

Automatic fish feeders are very easy to use. I hope you have understood this thing by reading this guide.

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