How to Upgrade to a Bigger Fish Tank

How to Upgrade to a Bigger Fish Tank?

How to Upgrade to a Bigger Fish Tank?

The process of up-gradation is fundamental in life. Similarly, you have to upgrade your equipment and accessories as well.

Let us help you upgrade your small fish tank to a bigger one in 2021 to bring the new, significant, and positive things around you.

I currently have upgraded my 85-gallon tank to a 120-gallon tank, and believe me is looking so much beautiful and giving a breathtaking view in my room.

Genuinely speaking, I have used the same lights, pumps, gravel, decoration, and so many other things while some of the items were new, like a second heater and a big pump.

When you upgrade to a bigger fish tank, they look more beautiful and give a beautiful view than that of the smaller containers. You will amaze to know that they are even easier to maintain.

Most of all, the fish tank up-gradation is extremely easy. You do not have to buy entirely new things for up-gradation to a bigger tank. You just have to use the previous tank decorations and everything there. There is only a minimum requirement of some new things anyone tank will be in a new look within no time. So let us begin;

How to Upgrade to a Bigger Fish Tank?

Just follow these eight steps to upgrade to a bigger fish tank. A large tank has so many benefits as compared to the small one. So, it is good to update your previous container. 

Preparing the Old Aquarium to Exit 

First of all, make your old aquarium to leave. Exiting your aquarium includes changing the filter media, cleaning the gravel bed, and all other hard surfaces like decorations and rocks.

Although these things can be into your new aquarium without washing, it is preferable to leave old water behind.

Firstly take out your fish from the existing aquarium into a separate bowl or container for some time. Then take a gravel cleaner and clean up the gravel from its depth.

Siphon the gravel ultimately to clean all of the dirt and nitrogenous waste from it. Now, take out the gravel with the help of some collector.  

Gravel cleaner will also remove the dirty water from your aquarium. After that, you will be able to put some of your old tank clean water into the new container.

Start Upgrading with Gravel 

First of all, the necessary step of establishing a new tank is to spread the gravel in the tank base. Take out the gravel from the old aquarium and put it into a new container.

Make sure that you have to wash it entirely so that there is no nitrogenous waste or other sticky substances upon it.

If your previous aquarium was small enough that gravel is becoming less for the big aquarium, then buy some more gravel for it.

You can even decorate your tank with the gravel. You can consider using some colorful gravel in your new tank.

You can consider some solid colors for your gravel which you like the most or that one which matches your room surroundings.

Move the Plants 

Now it’s time to move the plants from your old tank to the new one. Now, carefully adjust them in the new tank gravel.

Spread the sand below the gravel and fix your plants there. You can use any of the submergeable aquarium plants for your aquarium.

These plants can be artificial or real, depending upon your choice. If you select natural plants for your aquarium, then it will be beneficial more.

Because your fish will be able to eat the leaves of those plants for fulfilling their nutritional requirements, they will consume them as their snack between the meal timings.

It also helps not to let your fish suffer from starvation. Artificial plants also look good, and it all depends on your choice.

Decorate your New Fish Tank 

The decoration is a must to create a natural look in a beautiful environment for your fish. Take out the decorations from the previous tank and send them in your big container.

If they are fell short, then decorate a big tank with some other things — for example, big rocks, castles, and so many other things.

You can buy these decorations at just under $100. You can have these cheap things in a large quantity for your big tank.

Decorate your tank in such a way that there is enough space for your fish to swim freely. Put some big rocks in your container at some specific distance so that different fish species can set their territory.

Make sure that your aquarium decorations are correctly, and there is no fish poop inside it. Sometimes rocks do have fish poop stuck in them. To make sure clean everything before putting it into the new fish tank.

Testing the Water Quality to Match 

Pour some of the old tank clean water in your new container. It will help to balance the quality of both the aquarium and the water.

The main benefit is that the old tank water already has beneficial bacteria in it. It will help to develop good bacteria in new water very fast to make your new tank suitable and safe for your fish.

Also, add other water in it, which should be free from chlorine other dangerous compounds for fish. Now, check the water parameters so that you can estimate that either it is ready or not.

Make sure that your water is ready to put fish in it. But you have to wait for 24 hours, at least for the development of good bacteria and settling down of your tank water and everything inside the aquarium.

Test the pH, temperature other quality better meters of new tank water.

Set the Equipment 

Equipment can also be the old ones that you were using in the previous tank. There is no need to buy any other material if and only if your container is enormous and needs some more equipment, e.g., heaters.

Adjust both heaters in your tank at different locations of the aquarium for the proper heating effect because the warm temperature is necessary for the tropical fish.

If your pet is the cold-water fish, then install a chiller in your tank. These fish cannot live in warm water, and then you should give chilling temperatures for their living. So you must provide them their required conditions.

A pump is essential equipment to keep the water inflow and make it oxygen-rich. Moving water also makes your fish happy to swim and play.

The filter can also work at its next level when the water is slightly moving as compared to the still water. You can also add some air stone or a bubble wand in your bigger fish tank.

Install any other filter which you like the most according to its working efficiency. There are different types of filters like sponge filters, canister filters, hang on back filters, etc.

You can install the one which is available in your home or buy a new one for your new big tank. Set an auto top off system to keep the water level at the balanced levels.

For feeding your fish manually, you can have an automatic feeder as well. Installing a monitoring system is your own choice.

Remove the lighting from your previous tank and put them in the new one. If still there is a need, then install other lights too. Proper lighting is significant so that your fish can stay active and enjoy their daytime.

You should use a dark color of light during the night time so that your fish can have a good sleep as well.

Add Some Water Conditioner

When you add a conditioner in your new tank water, it will remove any chlorine from it. Because most commonly, people fill the water with their tap water, which is already chlorinated.

Conditioner also neutralizes the ammonia levels in the water. Metals like lead, copper, and others remove from water when you add conditioner in it.

They are also the best solution for protecting your fish slime coat on their body. They also help in preventing different diseases in your fish.

Move Your Fish In New Tank 

Now you have set all of your new tanks for your beloved fish. Now it’s time to move your fish from the temporary bowl or container into your new receptacle.

Make sure that you have to wait 24 hours after setting up your tank. After that, you have to put your fish in it.

Because the tank water becomes stable in this duration and your fish can feel the same water environment but a new, significant, and different place.

Hopefully, your fish like you are work on its new home. You will quickly find out that your fish is happy when it is swimming all around the tank an exploring it.

Do I Really Need to Upgrade to a Bigger Fish Tank?

There are a few critical factors that contribute to the need that you have to upgrade your aquarium now.

If you have some large fish species in your aquarium, then you are doing wrong to keep them in the small space. Fishes like Oscar and cichlids, then definitely you need to upgrade to a bigger fish tank.

You are doing wrong in keeping them in your small tank because these fish meant for large aquariums. Also, if you want to keep a variety of fish in your container, you should prefer a bigger one.

When you have different kinds of fish in your small aquarium, then understand that there is a need for a new and bigger aquarium.

When your fish is fighting with each other for space and food, then it means that you should upgrade the small tank.

Because fish only fight for their territory and nibble each other to harm; only when the space is less. You should provide your fish enough space to live because it is your moral duty if you understand it.

If you want to decorate your tank to have a significant and fantastic view, then you need an up-gradation to a big container so that you can decorate it according to your wish.

Fish stay happy when the space is ample, and every species has its territory. They do not fight with each other in this case.

Upgrading your tank also allows you to install different equipment easily and decorate your fish tank according to your liking.

You can place big corals and rocks for your fish to provide a perfect hiding and napping spot to them. It cannot be possible in a small tank for sure.


Upgrading your tank is extremely important for the health of your fish as well as for their free living. You should give a proper place for your fish to live.

They must enjoy a bigger fish tank to swim freely all around. I hope now you can upgrade your tank easily after reading this article.

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