How to Set Up a Bubble Bar in a Fish Tank

How to Set Up a Bubble Bar in a Fish Tank?

How to Set Up a Bubble Bar in a Fish Tank?

Did you have seen too many bubbles rising in a fish tank? How impressive the bubbles look rising in a straight line. Do you also want to set up a bubble bar in your fish tank?

Here, the Whypetfish team will let you know how you can install a bubble bar in your fish tank properly. So, you keep reading until the end.

Bubble bars help a fish tank to look beautiful and amazing. Not only it adds to the beauty if the tank but the levels of oxygen also increase in tank water. Fish also feels pleasant around these bubbles.

Bubble bars are proved really great in spreading oxygen in the entire tank. This can let every fish breather properly and enjoy the beautiful surrounding too.

You can easily set up a bubble bar in your tank. First of all, check it out completely. After that, install it and turn the switch of the pump ON. Before doing this, turn the bubble wand ON in any other container then put it in the tank. Attach it with a suction cup and use it.

How to Set Up a Bubble Bar in a Fish Tank?

Believe me that setting up a bubble bar is really an easy task. We will teach you how you can do it by using some simple and easy steps.

Air Pump Installation

Without an air pump installation, setting up the bubble bar is incomplete. It is separate from a bubble bar. An air pump will actually pump the air by which bubbles came out of the bar.

It delivers the air into the bubbler by the help of a plastic or rubber pipe. You have to cut the pipe of the air pump first and insert its one end in the anti-siphon valve. The other end of the pipe needs to be connected in the bubbler.

Follow the proper air directions throughout the installation to ensure that all of the components are working well or not.

Bubble Bar Installation

You just have to put the bubble bar inside the tank properly. This installation should be fixed and done properly so that the bubble bar may not get displaced from its position inside the tank water.

Most of the bubble bars have suctioned cups to gets fixed at the bottom of your fish tank. While some of the air bubbler bars are heavy enough that they get already settled inside the tank.

You can also connect the bubble bar at any side of the tank instead of the bottom. But make sure that it is properly fixed at its place.

Some of the bubble bars have multiple color lights in them. They look extremely beautiful, especially the night view. These kinds of bubble bars have waterproofed water cord attached to them for lights.

A part of that waterproofed cord is submerged in water. The other entire cord is out and is need to be connected with a power source to display its colored lighting effects.

Make Sure the Proper Set Up

Once check the whole connections to ensure a proper setup. Make sure that the pipe is connected to the bubbler properly. Also, make sure that the pipe’s end is connected completely to the air pump to the end.

The pipe should be hole-free otherwise it is of no use and the set up will not run. If any light is connected with the bubble bar make sure that it is dry and making a proper connection with the power source.

Some part of this wire will remain in tank water which is not a problem but you shouldn’t dip the whole wire in it. Now, turn the power source on and check it pump and bubble production is okay.

Check that if all of the lights are working well or not. Now, congratulations, you have completed the simple and easy bubble bar set up.

Troubleshooting a Bubble Bar

If air is not coming out of the air pump then check out for the problem. The possible reason might be a kinked pipe of the pump. There might be a broken pump or hole in the bubble bar that has some piece of material stuck in it.

It the wire is kinked then fix it immediately. But if the bubble bar is broken you have to change it or fix it according to the damage it has. Check out the pump itself for its working.

Fix the issues and then run it. Always prefer a high-quality bubble bar and an air pump to avoid any kinds of troubles.

Best Bubble Bars for Fish Tank 2021

Here are some of the high-quality bubble bars which you can prefer to buy for your fish tank in 2021

Pawfly Bubble Bar

It is a versatile aquarium bubble bar for decorative and functional air bubbles. It is a 10 cm or 4 inches bubble bar for your fish tank.

Its quality is high and is the most widely used bubble bar among the fish tank own. Its manufacturing material is plastic and mineral.

It has also the feature of colored lightening omissions in it. The lighting looks fabulous during the night. Total size dimension of this product is 11.5 x 2 x 1.2 cm.

While its size is just 120 grams. This bar adds a sufficient amount of bubbles in a fish tank along with the max oxygen.


It is the second-best bubble bar selected by our editor’s team. It is a super porous and non-clogging air bubbles wand.

It evenly distributed the bubbles in the entire tank. It is the best equipment to keep your fish tank properly oxygenated.

Fish can live and breathe in very easily because of this bubble bar. It should be soaked in water for at least 15 minutes before use. You have to wash it its gets clogged with dust and then reuse it.


It is a 10 inch bubble bath which creates a steady flow of air bubbles inside a fish tank. Just like other bubblers it also makes the water oxygenated for your fish.

It can easily get connected with any of the air pumps. It uses a standard 3/16 inches of airline tubing. Multiple bubble bars can be connected with each other for a bigger tank.

It can be used for freshwater and saltwater tank both very easily. It provides a continuous tower of bubbles and keeps your fish happy.

It is made up of highly durable and safe plastic. You can use it at the bottom of the day on at the tank sides. It can be a smart choice for a fish enthusiast.

The only weight it has got is 4.6 ounces. Dimensions of this product are 10 x 1 x 2 inches.

Final words

Setting up probably by in a fish tank is really very easy and simple. I have explained it well in this article.

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