How to Make Your Pet Fish Like You

How to Make Your Pet Fish Like You?

How to Make Your Pet Fish Like You?

Hey guys, do you wish that your pet fish be like you?  If you want to train your pet fish and make it habits like you then don’t worry you can do this. Although it will take some time, soon your pet fish will become the one like you want it to be.

Fish are innocent like all other pet animals and they learn what you teach to them. You can make them like you but first, you have to teach them the way you want.

How to Make Your Pet Fish Like You?

Training a fish, making it love you and be like you is a really easy and lovely thing to do. Some fish takes some more time to get trained while some species takes less time.  

Oscars, goldfish and betta fish are most intelligent to learn what you teach them. They even understand that you are trying to play with them or not at the very first moment.

This doesn’t mean that you can only make these specific fish like you but also you the other pet fish can also be trained with love and care.

After reading this complete article, and acting upon all of the things that have been described to you here, you will definitely stay after few weeks with proud that “ Yes, my pet fish is just like me”.

Just read this guide completely and make your fish like you want in just that time in which you play with it. There is no need to be hectic and spend some specific time specially for your fish if you are an extremely busy person.

Just give some moments from your free time when you play with your fish. In that time, make your pet playful, joyous, active and energetic like you. Make a fish follow all of your instructions.

Interact with Your Pet Fish

Proper interaction with your fish is a must. Without a good interaction with your fish you can’t make it like you.

Whenever you are giving your time to your fish, don’t touch or hold for the very first time. You can just gently place your finger near the aquarium at first.

This will first give your fish an impression that you are trying to play with your fish. When you directly put your hand in the water and try to hold your fish, it will start getting afraid of you.

First, make a gentle and nice interaction, give it food with your hands. Your pet fish will start getting closer to you like this.

You can slightly touch your fish when it is close to your hands while eating food. Place your fish tank near you or sit near to its tank or bowl, whichever equipment you have placed it.

The purpose is to see your fish while doing your work, the fish will also see you while swimming. Within no time, your pet will start recognizing you as your owner.

As pet fish love to observe the things that are happening around them. Although it is not a direct interaction sometimes your fish will know that he the man which feeds me and takes care of me.

This is a good way to get closer to your fish. Even some of the fish jump above from water when you are passing near them. This is also an indication that your fish wants to play with you.

By doing such things, your fish be confident, fearless and happy. When the fish will have a satisfaction that you are not harming him and feeding him and taking care as a good owner, your pet will never hide from you.

This is the time you can touch and hold a fish in your hands. Make sure that your hands are completely washed before you put them inside a fish aquarium.

If your fish is loving you, then even you would not need to hold them. When you will put your hand inside the aquarium, the fish will itself come in your hands. This feels so great to be loved by your pet like this.

Train Pet Fish to Follow Instructions

Now, when there is a strong and interaction between you and your pet, its time for training. The best way to make your fish follow you or act on your instructions is by using a finger.

Slightly dip your finger in water and move it in a straight line. When you do this thing repeatedly, your fish will likely to come after your finger. You can also train it with a training stick.

If your pet is not following you then pick some food on your finger and it will definitely follow your finger. Similarly, repeat this thing again and again with no or very little food on the finger.

Your fish will understand this play behavior and will definitely move with your finger when you want this little cute creature to move and play. Betta fish are proved really intelligent in such kinds of behaviors.

Make your Fish Active Like You

Try feeding your fish with their favorite food but from far away. Like, hold that food which your fish loves to eat a little bit above from the water surface.

Do this thing on fish feeding time when it is really hungry. Your little pet will try to reach the food by jumping upwards.

If it is trying desperately to reach that food, then you should lower your hand so that it can reach the food easily. Don’t make this hectic for your fish.

Keep your hands at such a level where your fish can have access to the food quickly. Soon, your fish will start loving this thing and keeps on jumping to get its delicious meal.

In this way, you can make your fish active as you are and want it to be.

Keep a Mirror in Front of Fish

This little water creature loves to see their reflection in a mirror. May be your fish will stare in the mirror at first until it is intelligent enough to quickly recognize that it is the reflection.

When your aquarium pet will move in front of the mirror,  then it will understand that it is just a reflection. And a fish really enjoys seeing its own reflection.

You should keep the mirror out of the water not inside. The fish will move her fins and do other movements too and get overjoyed when their reflection does the same.

Do not hold a mirror for a long period of time so that your fish may not get frustrated and uncomfortable because of this thing. Just do it for sometime after a few days.

Take Good Care of Your Fish

Take good care of your fish by providing a suitable living environment. The basic necessaries for a good environment are the maintenance of peace near your fish aquarium, proper aeration, lights, food, and a noise-free environment.

Further care should be given by using an oxygen pump and water filter inside the aquarium. Further, you can add plants, castles, rocks, and other decorations for your fish to live in.

Make Your Fish Playful

Use some toys inside water like soccer toys, rings, and other circular toys, etc. You can put slides like toys for your fish to play.

If your fish is not playing with the toys, then gently move it towards a toy. Or take the circular ring itself near to your little pet.

Make sure that your fish is not resting or sleeping when you play. Don’t disturb it in nap timings. Otherwise, if it is swimming as such then you can make it play with toys.

This will make it playful and active like you. Also, these kinds of activities leave a great positive impact on fish health.

You can also train your fish to jump through a hoop. You can keep a hanging food item in front of your pet fish and let her follow you and at the same time pass it through a hoop.

You can also set an obstacle course at the bottom of the aquarium and your fish will keep passing through it. You can leas your fish to the course yourself with the help of a treat. Your fish will happily follow you.

Final Words

After following all of these things and keep on repeating them day by day just for five to ten minutes will give you the desired results. Within six weeks or more, your fish will be like you depending upon your fish species intelligence and social behaviors.

Your fish will become active, healthy, playful, and responsive like you. This is how you can make your fish the way you want. Don’t put stress on your fish or force it to play with you when they are not in a mood.

Always treat your pet with kindness and gentleness. Following all of these things will make a strong bond between your fish and you.

Your fish can follow all of your instructions and become your obedient if you have trained it well. It is your moral duty to keep your fish happy and calm by providing a suitable place to live in along with enough food.

Remember that if you are not a good owner and if you don’t feed your fish on time, they will not play with you. It is so obvious that when a living creature is living unhappily and it has to stay hungry sometimes, then why would the pet will play or follow you.

Only a well-nourished, cared, and loved fish respond well and behave the same kind that you behave to it. Don’t leave your pet after buying, give care and love, feed properly, and play and it will incredibly become like you in most of its behaviors which it can express.

Start practicing these things from now on and also give rewards to your fish by following your instructions. Let us know in the comments section that how much time it took for you to train your fish and make it just as sweet as you are.

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