Why do my pet fish keep dying

Why do my pet fish keep dying?

Here are 7 main reasons that can cause the death of your pet fish. You can easily fix these problems, and your fish will live a healthy life.

Why do my pet fish keep dying? If your pet fish keep dying, it can be because of the high amount of chlorine, poor quality of water, parasitic infection, less oxygen, and acidic water.

All of these methods are proven; follow the step-by-step guide to prevent the fish from dying.

Why do my pet fish keep dying?

You have to note that there should not be any diseases in any fish of the aquarium.

Many diseases spread from one organism to another because they are breathing in the same water. 

Poor water quality

Poor water quality is a significant issue that will cause problems. Their whole world is water, and you have to keep it clean for their better nourishment.

They will get the food in water, breathe in the water, play in the water, and perform all other water activities. You must have some measuring instruments to check the nature of the water.

You can make a better environment in the water by replacing them after a few days. You must note the ingredients of that chemical pack before adding it into the water, otherwise, your fish can swim upside down.

Chemicals are present with different names in online stores and the market like chlorinator and water conditioner. Choose any of the products that suit your aquarium.

You must note the amount you can use in one liter of the water to add by checking your aquarium’s water amount. Its excessive use can be problematic for their life and you should fix it to save the fish from fin rot.

Parasitic infection

It is one of the infections that will infect the fish by attacking them through their breathing or mouth. A parasite can enter the body of the organisms by daily food or through the water.

You can manage the movement of the parasite in the water by replacing it. You cannot check the problem in the food that you are feeding to them. It can transfer from one organism to another by entering into the water.

You must sensitive in picking the food and medicine for them; small negligence can lead to severe problems and the fish will stay on the bottom of the tank.

Rock blockage in mouth

If there are any hard materials present in the water, it can lead to injuries. If you are not using any proper setup for growing them, then this problem may arise.

You have to arrange an excellent area to change the water and add food in the water. If any brick or rock is stuck in their mouth, it will not breathe correctly.

Suffocation may cause if the rock is bigger that does not leave any place for the exchange of gases.

Many owners use small stones at the corners of the aquarium that can cause a problem for them. You should not use decorative material that is contagious for them.

You must use all the precautionary measures while making the aquarium. Many other reasons will lead to becoming a hurdle in the breathing vein.

A high amount of chlorine

Chlorine in high amounts can be dangerous for living beings. It can kill the cells of the organisms, and their growth will not increase more.

Gills that are present on their body will close due to the excessive chlorine. Gills are the source of breathing for these small creatures, and they should not block in any way.

They cannot breathe easily, and small fish will not sustain this problem for a longer time. They will die in no time at that place.

Elder fish can maintain for a short time in case of the blocking of the gills. They can manage to breathe for two days after this problem. If its concentration is lower than two to three ppm, it may work for them.

Acidic water

You can check the hydrogen percentage in the water and check if it is acidic or basic. You can use a pH meter to note the pH that will tell the nature of the water.

Acidic water can be problematic for small organisms. They cannot live in that water. You have to maintain the pH of the water near to neutral or basic nature in the aquarium.

There are different ways to measure the pH of the water. You can use the litmus paper, pH meter, or any other thing available to you.

You can replace the water rapidly when you see that pH is getting less than 5. You have to maintain it around seven that is for the freshwater. Angelfish lay eggs every 2 weeks, you should adjust the water accordingly.

Rancid food eating

It is the oxidized food that will not contain any healthy mineral and nutrients in it. You have to consider that the food you are using should be free from all problems.

You cannot replace the food that you have put in the water without changing the whole water. You should not allow them to eat the food that is present in the water for more than 12 hours.

This food is exposed to air for a longer time, and its significant ingredients destroy away within minutes. You have to feed the packed food that is present at an optimum temperature.

You must check the date of manufacturing and expiry while buying food for them. It will help you to save from significant problems. Goldfish like to eat live ants, you can add this to their diet.

Less amount of oxygen

You have to use the aquarium of the area by checking the number of organisms in it. If you add more fish in a small space, it will lead to a shortage of oxygen in the water, leading to suffocation.