Why is my Female Guppy Turning Black?

Why is my Female Guppy Turning Black?

Here are 7 main reasons that can make your guppy black. You should take good care of your pet fish; we have explained all the details in this step-by-step guide.

Why is my Female Guppy Turning Black? The female guppy can turn black because of infection, poor hygiene, low-quality feed, stress, and increased ammonia levels in the water.

You have to take good care of this little fish; otherwise, it can get ill. One of the first signs of disease in guppy is the change in its color.

Why is my Female Guppy Turning Black?

Guppy is a small fish that is available in different colors. You can use it in your room aquarium because this is one of the most beautiful breeds of fishes. 

Follow these points to know the real cause of change in color in guppies.

Infection in guppy

One of the primary reasons that lead to a change in its color is an infection in its body. Bacterial infections lead to cause a difference in the colors of the fish in the aquarium. 

You should quarantine this fish when the problem arises in any one of them. You can treat the fish with this problem by giving medicines and improving their diet.

There are different types of medication for various infections. Physical injury due to the fight of the fish may lead to this problem.

You should not keep those fish in one aquarium that fights with each other. They will give harm to themselves and other fellow fish. You have to monitor all the’ movements that may help you understand the health and their habits.

Poor hygiene

You should not add any decorative material inside the aquarium that can cause a problem for fish movement. This breed of fish will require freshwater rather than using any other type.

They will get better nourishment and growth in this water in minimum time. You should check that there should be no dead fish inside the aquarium.

These are sensitive creature, and their death is sudden. If you do not get the dead fish out of the aquarium, it will start affecting others, you have to act fast to save the fish from fin rot disease.

They cannot live in an environment where they are seeing no movement from their fellow fish.

You should change the water continuously after two days or when you see a problem with it.  

Adding sick fish to an aquarium

There are few numbers of fish are living in the same aquarium. They are breathing in the same water and playing with each other. If one fish is suffering from any problem, it can cause a lot of damages to fellow fish.

You have to remove that fish from the aquarium and try to treat it separately from others. You cannot allow them to live in the same environment in any situation.

If you have not noticed this issue for more than one day, it will be difficult for healthy fishes to stay away from sick fish infection. Always choose the best water conditioner for the tank and use it before adding more fish.

You have to check the fish’s movement after a few hours to get a proper idea of their health. You have to check the water regularly that it should not contain any germs in it. Water should not be yellowish due to the waste of the fish.

A problem in the feed of guppies

Feed is one of the essential things that require great care and attention. You should not add more feed in the aquarium because it will start smelling after eight hours if they have not eaten it.

You should add less amount of food that they can eat quickly. If they start eating the older feed in the water for more than eight hours, it will be full of bacteria and parasites.

If they eat contaminated food, then you can expect the attack of any disease on it. You must prepare yourself and start watching their movement cautiously so that treatment can begin immediately.

You can change the water when you notice that the food particles are still available in the water after a long time.

You can decide the precautionary step on your own that can help your pets for their healthy life. Fish can die from overeating, you should keep an eye on their food.

High-stress level

A high level of stress will lead to the same problem in the body of the pets. You have to manage their stress by providing some beautiful playing areas in the aquarium.

You can use exceptional food that they like once a week to release their tension. A crowded aquarium can also become the cause of the stress in the minds of the pets.

You should not add any fish that fight with the fellows. They can also eat their babies, if your guppy is eating her babies, immediately do something or and it can increase the level of stress.

High level of ammonia

Increased levels of ammonia in the water will disturb its fins and gills. If you keep the ammonia high for a longer time, it will start increasing the stress level in the pets’ minds. They will not be able to recover with the heavy dose of any antidote chemical.

You have to check that the water’s ammonia level regularly increases from 1 mg per liter, creating a problem for the sea organisms in the water.

The growth of the bacteria will be sudden in this environment, and you will not be able to save these creatures from the harmful effects of the bacteria on their health.

Recovery time of guppy from black color

There will be black marks on the body of the fish after suffering from this problem. There are different reasons for this problem, and you can manage this problem by taking adequate care.

You will start seeing the symptoms after three to four days of intake of non-healthy food. You have to check the severity of the problem before treating it. You can concern a vet if you are feeling any confusion in it. Here is a list of the best guppy fish in the world.

If you start feeding the medicine timely, then you will start seeing the effects in seven days. You have to start focusing on the treatment of the fish and its feed regularly.

You can get a better response in less than this time if you provide extra care to it. If its effect is also on the guppy’s eyes, it will take around ten days to cure this disease.