Best Auto Top Off System for Reef Tank 2021

Best Auto Top Off System for Reef Tank 2021

Best Auto Top Off System for Reef Tank 2021

The auto top off systems are the best to keep the levels of water maintained in a tank. No matter at which temperature the aquarium water is present, it will evaporate because water can evaporate slowly.

If you do not have any auto top off system in your tank, then water starts becoming less and less day by day.

Proper water levels should gain for the aquarium fish; otherwise, they get troubled.

This system automatically detects the levels of water in the aquarium. When the water level drops below average, the sensor of this system recognizes it.

It automatically replaces the evaporated water to retain the optimal levels of water in a tank. 

Auto Top Off Systems Features Safety Price
Hydor Smart Consumes low volts, 6.5Inches sensor Dual alarm Check Price
Tunze Best performance, for 55-gallon tank, entire water-resistant body Security alarm included with Led light indicator Check Price
JBJ Strong cable, works great, 2 operating modes Sensor alarm with sharp light Check Price
EPTTECH Flawless, highly reliable Optical infrared sensor, built-in alarm Check Price
ZAOJIAO Strong, efficient, durable Safety alarm included Check Price
DIGITEN Unique and simple design, 12 months warranty, good flow rate Alarm is present Check Price

Best Auto Top Off System for Reef Tank 2021

These kinds of gadgets are just invented to give ease to the aquarists. So, here we are going to present you with the best products. 

These can be perfect for a reef tank as well as saltwater, freshwater aquariums along with different other aquarium types.

Hydor Smart Controller  

It is the very first product that we have selected for you people. It utilizes only a very low voltage and is entirely electronic.

It has a 6.5 inches sensor cord that is completely safe and covered with durable material.

To ensure the high protection, it has a dual alarm with sound and light. It immediately alerts you in case of any malfunctioning.

Use the magnetic suction cup to mount the sensor on the aquarium. It also includes the cable clamp for setting the cord on any support.

The best thing is that it is insensitive to the surface movement of the waves. It is very versatile and perfect for any size of the aquarium or sump.

It has an adjustable flow rate supply pump, but it is available separately. In case of any further guidance about its usage, you can refer to its user manual.

It is equipped with hydro safety to ensure further protection. It superbly manages the water levels in the aquarium and do not let the pump to become dry.

It is designed to work in different conditions. It uses the smart level technology, which reduces problems of the bacterial film, wave action, and limescale deposits. 

It ensures the safe and continuous working and is perfect to use for freshwater and saltwater both. There are no moving parts in its structure.

Furthermore, it is effortless to install and use by anyone. The only weight it has got is 1.1 pounds.


It is a designed complete system that is efficient in it’s working. It is for the tanks having a size of more than 55 gallons. 

For achieving the best performance, you should also read the user manual first. Follow the given instructions there for ensuring further security.

Its safety timer shuts off the system after passing the time of about 3 minutes or as set by the user.  

It has only one sensor to be used in the nano aquariums. It can be easily installed at the edge of the tank or on the cabinet filter.

The voltage meter pump consumes very low voltage. That is why you can keep it all the time. 

It has a 118 inches hose, which is a pretty much good thing. The magnetic holder holds it tight on the aquarium glass. 

A protective cover is also available for the safety of the sensor from water spills and other damages. 

JBJ Water Level Controller

It is a fantastic product that does not allow the levels of water to become lower than the required. 

Low levels of water are genuinely not suitable for fish and the entire aquarium. It has a reliable and robust cable, which ensures electrical safety.

This product is also available with two light sensors, which gets activated within seconds when the water level drops below normal.

It is a great device to automate the addition of water in your aquarium that usually lose in evaporation.

It has two modes of operation, with a total of three different setup scenarios. 

It has got the dimensions of 2 x 6 x 6.5 inches. Its LED light indicators are highly visible. You can easily read the display regardless of noting the time. Otherwise, it has easy to read display.


It smartly maintains the level of water in the tank. Its sensor is the mini optical, infrared sensor so that it can make the highly precise regulation.

It checks the water levels from maximum to minimum frequency. It can even measure the lesser amount of water fluctuation. 

It is perfectly suitable for small tanks as well as the large ones. The magnetic suction cup holds it firmly on the tank and does not let it fall.

You can safely mount it on any side of the tank where you like or find it perfect. The built-in alarm makes it safer to use.

It runs flawlessly without any issues. It is well known for its high reliability. The only feature that lacks is that its alarm is not audible.


This fantastic system can easily hang on your home aquarium sump. An aquarium which is having a thickness of 5 – 18 mm can easily have the system over it.

It has a polyethylene plastic and highly durable acrylic material manufacturing. You can use this product for years.

It can apply the pressure of about 0.02-0.8MPa. It can fill up and shut off the inlet of water automatically.

You can set it on any position and any height with great ease because it is truly versatile.

It connects with the one by a four-inch tube that is highly durable and does not leak at all. This tube has an O-ring attached to it.

The four nylon screws help me fix it firmly. Furthermore, it has one acrylic bracket and one floating valve. 

DIGITEN Auto Top Off System

It is a simple but complete automated system that works with a high efficiency. It is super easy to install and maintains the water levels amazingly. 

It has a highly durable PC holder which grabs it at its proper place and don’t allow it to move anywhere.

The adjustable brackets on the holder make it firmer and help it to adjust the water levels as perfectly as possible.

It is perfectly suitable for the aquariums, which have a thickness of about 16 mm. It is having a highly precise dual floating water level sensor for the protection of overfilling.

When the tank water evaporates, and its level becomes low, then the power is activated automatically, and the pump starts working. 

It makes the water level to reach the maximum limit, which is required. If it fails to achieve the necessary level of water, then the second float ball starts to do its work to achieve the desired level.

The designing and structure are all complete. You do not have to connect any parts of it to make it work. It follows the plug and plays feature for all of its parts.

It comes up with a pump and a power adapter in packaging. It certainly keeps the water level maintained, and no moving parts of it can become fail. 

It is suitable for all kinds of tanks, aquariums, and sumps. The smart ATO complete kit of this item does not let the water overflow.

It has 12 months of warranty, which is pretty much attractive. PC and ABS material are in its manufacturing. The maximum rated voltage it has is only 12 VDC.

It has a maximum power of 5 watts, and the rated current is 0.5 A. Its design is waterproof. The maximum flow rate in this system is 200L /H. 

Its pump and power cord have the right length and is highly durable too. 

How to Set Up an Auto Top off System in Aquarium?

First of all, unpack the box to take the system out before you install the system in your aquarium, power up the unit, and test the sensors and pump. 

Make sure that they are working correctly. Check out its sound an alarm for the proper functioning.

First of all, it is suggested to take an empty reservoir and do not fill it with water because it is easy to work with an empty tank than that on the filled one.

After that, prepare a freshwater reservoir for your tank. It should not be a complete set up of tank because you are just testing the equipment first. 

So take a bucket full of freshwater or any other utensil available. Make sure that you take a small reservoir, for example, a small bucket because it will be hard for water to evaporate from the less surface area. 

Now install the sump just above the waterline. There are two sensors with this system which are required to float inside water so that the whole system can work together efficiently.

Now it is time to install the pump, which would have the two outlets in and out. Run the tubing from the freshwater to the in if the pump and another from the out.

Make sure that the tubing is staying above the waterline. If it stays underwater, then there are chances of an accidental back siphon that can suck all of the water. 

Now, if the equipment is working well, then do all this set up on a fish tank. Then plug in the outlet with your dry hands. Now the auto top off system is ready to be used.

Benefits of Using Auto Top Off System on Aquarium

There are countless benefits of using this system for your fish tank.

  • You do not have to take time to check the water levels manually because this equipment checks it automatically.
  • When it detects the water levels, it makes us aware of its sensor.
  • This system prevents the pump from getting dry.
  • It maintains the water levels perfectly and keeps the living environment inside the aquarium.
  • It does not allow the time to become dry and refills it with water to the desired levels.
  • The salinity of water also remains stable with this system if it is a saltwater aquarium.

Why There is a Need for Auto Top Off System for a Fish Tank?

There is a great need for this equipment when you are on vacation and cannot retain the water levels manually. 

These kind of gadgets are a great convenience in such cases. You are really in need of an auto top off system when you do not have any time to do work on your aquarium. 

Besides this, there is a great need for maintaining the water levels; otherwise, problems start occurring. 

The low levels of water lowers the oxygen and damages the plants as well. The fish also get disturbed and gills damage if the water levels are low. 

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