How Do I Stop Brown Algae Growing In my Aquarium

How Do I Stop Brown Algae Growing In my Aquarium?

How Do I Stop Brown Algae Growing In my Aquarium?

It is imperative to stop the growth of algae from your aquarium so that it can be a better place for your fish living.  

The aquarium looks messy when there are algae on its glass and decorations. It seems like a complete mess. If you want to get rid of this algae, then read this article thoroughly.

You can easily stop brown algae from growing into your aquarium by increasing the flow rate of water, the filtration system, regular water changes, UV sterilizer, and algae scrapper.

How Do I Stop Brown Algae Growing In my Aquarium?

Brown algae are also known as a diatom, which is a unicellular organism having the composition of silicone nitrate.

When the levels of nitrogen exceed in your fish tank, then these structures develop and start growing. They look messy and make your aquarium dirty.

Here we will share a complete guide about removing or stopping the brown algae growth in your aquarium.

Use Algae Eaters

The best thing to stop the algae is to use algae eaters like snails and other small animals. Snails are the best algae eaters, and they clean the entire algae profoundly and clearly.

Snails love to eat algae, and it is their favorite food. They move their body over the algae and make it clear entirely.

But you have to keep patience while the snails clean all of the algae in your aquarium. They will take time to clear your entire fish tank slowly.

Do Regular Water Changes 

Doing regular water changes can help a lot in removing the brown algae. The water changes take away so many impurities and dirt with it that there is less debris behind in your fish tank.

You can get rid of a large number of nitrates and phosphates, and this will keep the brown algae from growing in your aquarium.

Because these things are the main ingredients for the brown algae survival, when you take away all of the food for diatoms, they will not grow at all.

Using Ultraviolet Sterilizer 

Another best way to get rid of brown algae is to use a UV sterilizer. This equipment sterilizes the water and kills the brown algae and other harmful microorganisms.

Its intense radiations change the DNA structure of these organisms and kill them entirely. The emissions also purify water from other and nitrogenous content.

Cleaning the Aquarium Filters 

It is also essential to keep the filters clean so that the freshwater flows throughout your fish tank.

You must have to change the filter media so that the residues of fish poop do not come back to the water because they become the ultimate feed of diatoms.

So, it is also vital that your filter media should be all clear. You must have to clean it twice in a month to get clear water and rid of algae issues.

The availability of regular clean water is essential for the proper survival of aquarium life by staying disease-free.

Use Algae Scrapper

If no technique is working, then you have to clean the algae manually. Use the algae scraper tool for this purpose.

First of all, you have to empty the entire aquarium and then use the algae scraper to remove it from your aquarium glass and all other places permanently.

Apply vinegar solution on diatoms and scrub, also keep it for sun drying after cleaning. It will help obliterate the algae.

Provide Sufficient Lightning 

The brown algae are sticky and grow well in a dark area. They need nitrates and other dirt along with the darkness for their growth and survival.

If you provide sufficient lighting for about 8 hours a day, the diatoms will not grow in your aquarium.

The provision of lightning less than these hours can help the brown algae to grow and take its place inside your fish aquarium.

It can grow all over your tank and the decorations it has. So a proper lightning system is very crucial for avoiding brown algae and other algae growths.

Use Filtered Water 

If you most commonly face the problem of brown algae growing in your aquarium, then you should use the filtered water from the RO system units.

Because the filtered water is free from nitrates, silicates, and other things that help to reduce the growth of such microorganisms.

If there is no option for you to use this water, then you can use the tap water by checking its quality. It should not have the silicates in it, which can flourish the brown algae as well as chorine.

Pour the tap water in your aquarium when it is meeting the quality standards; otherwise, it can promote such conditions and harm your fish as well.

Increase Filtration Mechanism 

To increase the filtration system, you have to buy a good filter and a pump as well. A right pump will make high water flow, and the filtration cycle mechanism will increase.

Some people mistakenly think that they should not have to buy a pump if they have the best filter in their filter aquarium.

But you need to know that the pump makes a good water flow so that the filter contains the water entirely during its filtration cycles.

Moving water will itself remove the algae that are sticking to your aquarium glass, and the filter will not allow it to pass further through its filter media.

The filter media would become messy, and you have to clean it must once in a week when there are brown algae all around.

Otherwise, you can clean the media twice in a month when you are doing regular water changes as well. 

Why is it Important to Stop the Brown Algae in Aquarium?

It is crucial to stop these algae in the fish aquarium because it can drain all the essential nutrients for fish and plants.

It makes the entire look of the tank dirty and messy. It absorbs all of the essentials that your fish need. It can cause different kinds of diseases to do your fish.

So it is imperative to clean up your fish tank from brown algae. Brown algae have some chemicals in it which can damage the fish slime coat.

It can be fatal for the aquarium life if they are in a high amount. It can make your aquarium water cloudy or brownish-yellow. You should know methods to deal with the cloudy aquarium water.

It can irritate your fish while swimming. It can also create a bad fishy smell in the entire aquarium, which can spread to your room slowly. So it’s become essential to get rid of this issue.

Final words 

So you can easily remove the brown algae from your aquarium by applying these simple and basic tactics mentioned here. You should keep your aquarium clean to maintain a desirable and presentable look.

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