How Long Can Pet Fish Survive Without Food

How Long Can Pet Fish Survive Without Food?

How Long Can Pet Fish Survive Without Food?

It is always a wrong practice to leave your fish all alone without food, but to know its limit to bear the hunger, read the detail in this article.

The hunger control limit varies among different fish, depending on their strength and immunity. The big fish has more power to bear living without food for some days. 

While the small and weak fish have less capacity to bear, if you are planning for a vacation trip leaving your fish alone, then you should go after managing for the food for your pet.

Big pet fish can survive for two to three days without eating any food while the small fish can live only for one and a half days without having any meal. It depends on the health of fish as well; the healthy one survives better than that of the weaker fish. Their immunity levels also help them to tolerate hunger for some time. Some species of fish are powerful to tolerate hunger levels for long periods. Like big (5-inch) silver dollar fish can live for about eight days without food while tetras can survive for six days. 

How Long Can Pet Fish Survive Without Food?

Whenever you are planning for some vacation, always think about your pet first. If you can take them with you on a trip, then it is fantastic but if you can’t, then at least arrange for their whole week’s food before going. 

Life of every living being is vital. Not only humans, but you should also take care of your pet lives because they depend on you for everything.

Fish Survival Without Any Food 

Fish can survive two to three days without food, while the minimum time is one or two days. If the fish is more significant in size, then the hunger control rate is more than the small fish. 

The big fish can store some food in their belly for coping with hunger and have strong immunity, while the small fish do not have such abilities. They are vulnerable to be attacked by hunger very soon.

Why Fish Can’t Survive Without Food for Longer Time?

Fish can not live without food for a more extended time because they do not have a proper kind of stomach.

Their intestine performs so many different functions that a stomach has to perform. They can not store food for a more extended period.

That is why you should have to take care of fish feed three to four times a day or according to its requirements.  

What To Do If You Have to Leave Your Fish Alone Because Of Any Trip?

Do not let your fish to stay hungry for a long time. If you are planning a vacation and can’t take your fish out with you, then you must arrange for their meal and filtration.

The things which you can do for your pet fish before going out of home for a week, are;

Leave a Fish Sitter At Home

The easiest thing which you can do is to leave someone in your home to take care of your fish. 

The one whom you leave for your fish should have clear instructions given from your side. 

You should guide him about the feeding schedule of your fish. He or she must have the know-how to change filter media and checking out the water parameters. 

The fish sitter should know how to company the pet fish for some time. He should change the slight amounts of water daily. 

He should be aware of reviving the fish if it suddenly goes through a shock condition. The oxygen supply should be proper in the aquarium so that any of the fish do not get stress. 

Use Automatic Feeder 

The automatic feeders prove excellent when you are in a one or two day trip. You can set this automated device on your aquarium and set its feeding schedule. 

Besides this, you can also adjust the amount of food to be released in the tank from the feeding gun. 

It relieves all of your worries related to feeding your pet fish. You have to look for other things except for feed. 

Because automatic fish feeder releases all of your tension about giving feed to your fish right on time.

Make sure to set the timings and amount of food properly so that it can do its work conveniently. 

Use the Filter With Multiple Filtration

If you go out of your home for trips very often, then you should have multiple filtration filter in your aquarium. You can use this internal aquarium power filter for better results.

The filter should allow the chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration in your aquarium. 

The benefit of such a filter is that if one system stops working in your absence, the other type of filtration goes on.

It helps to keep the tank clean even if you are not available. The filtration keeps on going the same way, and your fish stays protected. 


In the end, I will say that if you have urgent work and it is a must for you to leave home, then the first thing that you should do is to think about your pet. 

The fish are not such a creature which can stay without food for a long time. Most of the fish die because of stress, which can occur because of the unavailability of food.

When there is no food, fish try to find some anxiously; they jump out of the water, feel frustrated, and take the stress of all this situation and die. 

Always arrange the necessities for your fish before leaving them alone otherwise, you will be sorry for not doing anything for your pet.  

Then it will be useless to cry over your dead fish, so always take care of your beloved pets, which you have bought with pure love. 

If you don’t have any time to take care of your pets, then you should have any other person in your home who can take care of them.

The poor aquarium fish do not survive for long when they have nothing to eat. Otherwise, the other fish living in seas and river gets anything to eat from anywhere. 

They get small animals to eat or start feeding the algae as their meal. You should also keep something extra in your aquarium for your fish to eat that snack.  

You can place some floating plant leaves as a snack for your pet. Read this article thoroughly.

Good luck. 

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