How to Stop Fish Jumping Out Of Tank

How to Stop Fish Jumping Out Of Tank?

How to Stop Fish Jumping Out Of Tank?

Hey! Is your pet fish not happy in your aquarium or want an escape? Are you sick of your fish trying to jump out of the water every time? Is your fish trying to suicide?

Let us talk today about aquarium fish jumping out of the water every time and causing problems for their selves. 

You can stop fish from getting out of the tank by making a barrier on top and removing all of the problems because of which fish are trying to escape. Also, put a lid or some other barrier over your aquarium so that your fish may not come out mistakenly.

How to Stop Fish Jumping Out Of Tank?

Jumping out of water is one of the leading causes of death in aquarium fish, which is so sad. The death rate of fish jumping out of the tank is very high. 

This can occur because of so many different reasons, which we will share with you here. Mainly the idea is that the fish are trying to escape something, but they are unaware of the fact that they are risking their life. 

In the sea and river, fish jump out of the water to increase their speed and drops down again in vast water. But when the home aquarium fish jump out of the water, they directly hit the floor where there is no water.

Maintain Stable Water Parameters

The possible reason for fish trying to escape from water is the wrong water parameters. This parameter can be variable water temperature. 

Like some of the fish are freshwater fish who need an average temperature of freshwater only. Some of them are cold water, while others are warm-water fish. 

When you are going to pet them, you have to provide them their suitable temperature for prolonged survival.

If you will not give them the proper conditions to live, then they will try to escape and endanger their lives to death. 

Other parameters include the quality of water, which must be high. It should not have any dangerous metals and toxic compounds mixed in it.

The metals can bind and get into fish gills blocking the process of reparation, making the fish feel suffocated and exhausted. It forces the fish to get out of such bad quality of water. 

pH is another major thing that needs to be set through thick and thin. It must be the desired pH required by the fish for a living.

Otherwise, it will torture your fish to come out of water and suicide. Similarly, the salinity should be in that fish aquarium that belongs to saltwater. 

You should not add salt in a freshwater tank or others. The chlorine and other contaminants should not be present in water. 

Many people think that chlorinated water is suitable to be used in aquariums, but it is not. Chlorine kills germs in water for human beings and proves useful, but itself it is harmful to fish.

The chlorine binds in the fish body and makes it suffocated and died. Make sure that the water you are using to fill your aquarium is entirely pure and safe for fish.

Put a Barrier Over Your Aquarium

The other thing you can do to protect your fish is to use a barrier surface over your aquarium. It can be an aquarium lid, which proves excellent, but a little bit portion of it is open for the proper oxygen supply. You can use this glass canopy for better results.

Fish can come out of the space available. The other thing used to create a barrier is a fish guard cover net. 

It proved great to prevent the jumping fish. It also allows the proper air to come inside the tank. This net comes completely invisible and airy. Its aesthetically appealing look maintains the beauty of your tank.

Limit Noise Around Aquarium 

As you know, sound travels ten times faster in water than that of the air. Fish feel disturbed when they hear pinching and loud noises. 

Even noise can become the cause of their dangerous kind of stress issues. Never use the music system, television, and other sound creating devices near your fish aquarium.

Otherwise, you will be responsible for your beloved pet dies. Because water absorbs more sound, that is why fish are trying to escape from their tank to make them feel comfortable. 

But they are unaware that death is waiting for them outside. You might have seen the sad moment of dried fish outside the tank once or more in your life. 

So, whenever you buy some pets, stay committed to take great care of them like a loveable owner.

Provide Sufficient Hiding Places

If your fish tank has enough hiding places for each fish, then they will do not try to get out of their home. 

Each living being gets tired and needs some personal space to rest and have a lovely nap. Similarly, fish are also concerned about their own space. Buy colorful hiding anemone for your fish.

They need some spot where they can hide and rest. Fish are not social every time except for the shoaling fish. 

They need some time which they can spend all alone in darkness or hiding from every other fish.

If there are other pets like cats all around teasing and harming your fish, they like to hide behind or under the hiding castles. If there is no hiding spot, they jump and get out of that place. 

Provide sufficient lightening 

Proper light and dark period is an essential part of every living organism’s life. Darkness is for the rest, and brightness refers to getting up and work.

You should provide sufficient lighting inside the fish aquarium. The aquarium lights should be turned off at night time so that fish can rest properly.

Lights should be kept ON for twelve hours minimum, and then darkness should be there so that fish may not feel lethargic and weak.

Completing their sleep and resting is an essential part of life which you should provide to your fish. 

Select Compatible Tank Mates  

You must have an idea that the pair of different fish species that you are going to buy is either compatible with each other or not. 

Some of the fish species can not live with each other at any cost. They fight with each other continuously until one of the fish dies or leaves that territory.

The other fish forces them against fish to jump and go out from there. You should select suitable companions for your fish to live in the same tank happily so that none of them keeps on dropping. 

Why Aquarium Fish Jump Out of Water?

Let me share with you the actual causes of why fish adopt this behavior so that by understanding the causes, you can prevent your fish from death risk.

Oxygen Insufficiency 

When the oxygen supply inside the tank water is very less, then fish come out because of suffocation. 

Make sure that you have an oxygen pump in your aquarium for pumping water and making it oxygen-rich. 

Bad water quality 

If the quality of water is compromised, then it will force your fish to jump and die. Fish can survive in lousy quality water only for a few days. 

Then it tries to have an escape out there. Provide your fish the pure and clean water as much as you can and protect your pet life.

Fish Is Hungry 

Make sure to feed your fish according to their requirements on the meal timings. Do not put the feed in front of the fish aquarium. 

Because fish try to reach the food to grab it but unfortunately results in a dried-up body near death. 

Keep the floating plants in your aquarium so that fish can eat them when they get hungry. Besides this, set the feeding schedule for them. 

The other thing you can do is to practice jumping by fish only when giving food with your finger and only slight little jumps. So that fish may not jump out in your absence.


The biggest issue related to pet fish is stress. Their stress is not a joke; it is incredibly complicated.

Stressful fish get out of the water to suicide and get rid of its life. You should provide their basic needs thoroughly so that they may not get stressed.

Something is Hurting Your Pet

The water bugs irritate the fish sometimes and make them feel frightened. Bugs can even kill the fish by swimming inside the water very quickly. 

When the fish do not find any escape in the tank, then they try to come out of the situation.

Best Tips For Keeping Fish Getting Out of Water 

Decorate your fish tank, so that fish love to live at their place. Provide all of the water quality parameters and keep them in check.

Keep the bugs, cats, and birds away from the fish aquarium so that fish can feel safe and protected. 

Provide sufficient space to hide them in their separate places and let them get comfy in their comfort zone.

Use an invisible guard net for safety. Adopt these things, and your beloved pet fish will not come out of tank water. 

Good luck. 

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